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Good Lightfastness Contemporary Wall Coverings Gray Gold wit

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 How to choose the pattern of contemporary wallpaper?
Most families in the residential area is not large, so with people that psychological environment comfortable, it is best not to choose texture, pattern too eye-catching wallpaper and patterned scales is appropriate to, if the pattern is too large will be in visual caused by "force nearly" feeling. From the color said North down sun rooms should not be used slant blue, violet wait for cool color, while the application of partial yellow, red or brown warm color wallpaper to avoid too cool winter color sense. And sun room, can choose partial cold gray tone wallpaper, but should not be used shamrock, lake blue this winter looking uncomfortable color.
Living room should choose fresh quietly elegant color of wallpaper; for example, good Lightfastness gray gold wallpaper made by natural plant fibers is suitable for living room, the dining room should use orange wallpaper. In the bedroom, can according to personal preferences, free play: red wallpaper can create an atmosphere of excitement, and blue, green and other cold tonal wallpaper is to relax the spirit, yellow tone wallpaper is camp made the best choice warm and romantic.

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Surface Treatment Bronzing + Pearly Lustre
Application Type Non-pasted
Removal Type Strippable
Function Mould-Proof
Application Range Hotels
Tools Needed Paste brush, knife/blade, Sponge, bucket, tape measure, Step stool
Usage Commerce
Size 0.53*10m
Item Weight 1.0kg/roll
Shipping Weight 1.15kg/roll
Inner Package Size 74*74*546mm
Outer Package Size 326*326*556mm
Shipping Method By sea/air
Port of Shipment Wuhan, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Ningbo Port
OEM Accepted

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