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High Strength Foundation Wall EPS Cement Production Line

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Automatic Cement-Supply System:
Use 2 sets 60-ton cement storage to store cement;the cement storage has up-down level gauge,automatic dust removal system,inside and outside ladders,explosion-proof valve,arch breaker,and other devices.Cement supply is controlled by 2 sets screw conveyors,2 sets cement batching devices,1 set divider and 2 sets butterfly valves.
Automatic Sand-Supply System:
the storage and measurement of sand are finished by 5m³ batch hopper;hoisting is realized by 1 set bucket elevator and 1 set sub-feeding device,totally-enclosed feeding to tw mixers respectively.The feeding for storage silo is finished by the user by purchasing forklifts.
Automatic Water-Supply System:
2 sets water pumps supply water to two water measuring devices respectively;after reaching the set value,water measuring devices supply water to mixers automatically.The total volume is pre-programmed,and user need to build the water pool.
Automatic Foam materials-Supply System:
calculate by volume measuring method,and discharge work is automatically finished by preset program.The body of this system is composed of one 5m³ storage silo,one 1m³ measuring silo and two discharge doors.
Automatic Addictives-Supply Syestem:
calculate by volume measuring method,and this system is composed of 2 sets 1m³ storage silos and 2 sets flow control valves,completing automatic material-supply by control system.
Automatic Control System:
composed of high-pressure control cabinet,low-voltage control cabinet,display screen,IPC,control sofeware,circuits,air channel.One-key operation allows complete control of the whole procedure.Additional monitoring system can be added at customer’s request.


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