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Wall Panel Moulding

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High efficiency eco friendly concrete wall panel moulding
This machine can meet the requirements of the 90 degree turning of the goods of different specifications, and realize the horizontal conversion to vertical or vertical conversion to horizontal operation targets.

1.Connect external power source as required.
2.Open the electrical control box door, push power switch in the box.
3.Open the "emergency stop" button and indicator lights up red.
4.If the equipment is not in reset position, press on the operator panel of the "reset" button, turnover began to slowly run, the equipment will stop operation when hit the reset stop signal.
5.Lifting(push) the goods slowly on the flip side of the machine and close to the other side of the plane.
6.Press the "flip" button on the operation panel, and the machine starts running.
7.When the goods flipped 90 degrees,the machine will automatically stop working when hit the flip stop limit switch encountered SQ1.
8.The "reset" button to start reversing reverse direction operation.
9.Flip the body 90 degrees reset. Hit the reset stop limit switch SQ2, flip automatically stop working , flip the body returns to its original position.
10.In accordance with the above five to nine steps cycle work.
11.If there is not a normal situation , press the " emergency stop " button During automatic operation, the machine stop working. When troubleshooting , release the " emergency stop " button .
12.When the goods are turned over, the goods should be emptied and reset to the original position.

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