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Precast Concrete Slab Wall Panel Forming Machine Equipment

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Precast Concrete Slab Wall Panel Forming Machine Equipment


Sandwich Wall Panel Production Line
We provide whole production equipment, machinery, production technology, and on-site installation & training services to help you build your own plant in your local place.
Below are the details:
1. Capacity: 100,000m2/ year to 1,000,000m2/year
2. Types: full automatic type, semi-automatic type, manual type
3. Product Variety:
With Zoneth sandwich wall panel production line and our professional technical support, you can produce several kinds of panels:EPS sandwich wall panel,Ceramicite sandwich wall panel,Perlite sandwich wall panel, Solid EPS sandwich wall panel,Solid ceramicite sandwich wall panel,Solid perlite sandwich wall panel,etc.and you may use some local material to produce more types.

Name Main Parameters
Overall Dimensions(Length×Width×Height) 3180×1380×3480mm
Weight 2800KG
Mobie Power(KW) 2.2
Mobie Speed(m/min) ≦60
Main Components Host Chassis assembly(power device),former stands,after stands,after plate,rod
Accessories Pressing Plate,side mould
Production Information Thickness
Raw Material
60 610 2270 60 83.0 4.15
75 610 2270 50 69.2 4.50
90 610 2270 42 58.1 4.65
100 610 2270 40 55.3 4.98
120 610 2270 34 47.0 5.17
150 610 2270 28 38.7 5.42
180 610 2270 22 30.4 5.77
Remarks Two transition car,production line conversion use,One set cheer machine,spray release agent use,Pour table,track

Production Process:
1.Installing the Calcium silicate board.
2.Cement 、EPS and other additive grouting
3.Through the vibration platform to reduce the air bubble.
4.After high temperature forming the panel and take the panel moudle down.
5.Cleaning the panel face and Edge ,make it smooth.
6.Packing the panel.
7.Maintenance the panel.
8.Making final packing before loading.
9.Loading and delivery it to the port.

What service and support you can get from Zoneth?
1.Investment Cost Calculation
2.Factory Layout Design
3.Production Line Layout Design
4.Installation Guidance
5.On-site Training Service
6.Sharing of R&D Achievements

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