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Affordable modular modern cost of building a prefab house

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Affordable modular modern cost of building a prefab house
The roof system,floor system and wall body of Zoneth prefab house are all made by Zoneth light weight compound sandwich panel,it has the advantages of fast construction,beautiful,anti-earthquake,fireproof,windproof,durable and eco-friendly.The house’s design&decoration can be made according with customer’s requirement and we will provide complete designing & installation drawings,installation guide and send engineers to provide with turnkey projects.

Main Material
Steel Structure Wall Body 1.Wall structure frame “U” shape steel frame Roof & Ceiling 1.Steel roof truss C80×40×15×2
Concrete frame 2.Roof Panel Light weight compound sandwich panel
2.Exterior wall Light weight compound sandwich panel 3.Roof tile Strip slate
3.Exterior wall decorative board Imitation brick texture 4.Ceiling Decorative Mgo board or Gypsum board
4.Interior wall Light weight compound sandwich panel Floor 1.Floor lateral support Round steel or concrete
5.Interior wall decorative material Emulsion paint or tile 2.Floor grider “H” steel
6.Panel used in kitchen & toilet Light weight compound sandwich panel 3.Floor panel Light weight compound sandwich panel
7.Corner post Square tube or concrete 4.Floor decorative board Tile or composite wooden floor panel
8..Wall Pillar Rectangular tube or concrete 5.Toilet ground tile Polished tile
Remark:Above data is provided for reference.The real figures are based on the customer’s requirements and test report.

Owing to superb quality and and high production efficiency,Zoneth automatical production line of EPS light weight energy-saving panel have a good market reputation and safer widely exported to Iran,Bahrain,Saudi Arabia,Doha,Kenya,India,Nepal,Venezuela,Portugal,Australia,Angola,Malaysia and other countries.Let us work together to dedicate to the global energy-saving and environment-friendly green building filed hand by

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