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Cement Sandwich Wall Panel

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Products Name:Cement Sandwich Wall Panel

1.Products Material:

A.Core material:Fly ash, sand, cement, ceramsite.

B.Surface material:fiber reinforced calcium silicate board or cement calcium silicate board.

2.Products Description:
Sandwich Panel
Core materials:
(100% non-asbestos, asbestos free),
Water, Cement, Ceramsite, Sand and additives.
Usage: Roof, floor, interior wall, innner wall, internal wall,
partition wall, exterior wall, outer wall, external wall;

Double Sides Surface Board: Calcium silicate board 5.0mm thickness;
Fiber reinforced cement board, FRC board
Joining Method: Tongue & Groove Type, Interlock Type
Thermal Conductivity: 0.221W/mK
Service Life: 60-70 Years
Certificates: CE, BV, ISO9001, ISO14000, SGS, STC,
Invention Patent

3.Details of our products:

4.Products Feature:

A. Lightweight: 650kg/m³, just one sixth of the brick building.

B. Eco-friendly: Energy saving, non-toxic, asbestos free recommended by government.

C. Fast installation: 5 times faster than traditional brick installation.

D. Labor cost saving: fewer workers, and build more fast.

E. Warm preservation: adjust indoor temperature at a constant range.

F. Fire proof: 4 hours against of 1000℃ high temperature.

G. Anti-seismic: earthquake resistance can reach to 8 magnitudes.

H. Long life-span: More than 70 years.

I. Water-proof and damp resistant.

J. Sound insulation and absorption.

5.Production Pictures and Installation Methods:


A. Setting the line and carrying the board in position.

B. Sawing board.

C. Sizing.

D. Installation.

E. Correcting, fixing.

F. Grouting and filling starch.

G. Sticking anti-cracking cloth (we can supply ).

H. Installing electrical wires and switches.

I. Installing doorcase.

J. Facing coating and wall papers.

K. Facing ceramic tile,decorative sheet.

L. Electric apparatus installation.

6.Project Pictures:



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